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Kankanaey Dict.
Welcome Guest! This website project is made for the purpose of preserving the Ibaloi Language / Dialect at the brink of its extinction; And, to educate new generation of Ibalois in learning the dialect with the power of internet and community interaction between fellow Ibalois. Hope this would be a good start to further preserve the Ibaloi dialect used by the Indigeneous People of Benguet and/or Cordillerans.

Instructions: To add more ibaloi words and its english translation, try searching the word you wish to be translated. If the "Word definition not found! Want to translate this word? Click Me!" appears, click "Click Me!" to give the translation of the word in english. If you wish to use an easier way of adding, please do register and ask the admin through the chatbox to provide you the link you could use for doing so. Thank you! Si Apo Shiyos i-men bendisyon son sih'kayo!

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Dan : @bel: there's no ibaloi term for petals
Dan : @Anon: you mean the ibaloi term? "mapteng ja ma-shem!"
Dan : @manalo: "he/she/they/it wins still" [depends sa subject]
Anonymous : sharal
Anonymous : ano ibaloi ng sinira yung dingding?
Anonymous : dugs: shiral shay shing shing sha
Anonymous : shinaral to eh shingshing
Anonymous : anya kadi ibaloi ti na miss kita
Dan : huh? pwede ata ung "shinashal shay shing shing." or the kabayan ibaloi i think is "chinachal chay ching ching" @anonymous: "sinpi-an ta ha"
gg : mandowado means to pray, kanenen means wait
K : Ayna mbalin paggatangan t dictionary? Tnx
Dan : @K: ahy... hanko amo ah nu ayna ti ada... check yu ladta bookstores toy Baguio... ken damagen yu suda baka mas-amo da. =)
aladco : ayshi
aladco : anu sa tagalog ang "kenshat"
max : How to say in ibaloi
cat : inya kayat na sawen ti "kinungo"?
Dan : @alacdo: "kenshat" is kind of incomplete (though not sure).. I usually hear "kenshat to".. meaning. "ganyan talaga!" or "that happens!" expression.. though.. others may have better translation... @max: what are you asking? are asking "how to say" sa ibaloi? "ngani ma-ikwan shi ibadoi nu.."
Dan : @cat: doesn't ring a bell for me... unless it is a very deep ibaloi word.. =D
ele : What do you mean by "yannay et ay", "sya ad ta es estem", "cya ay ladta" and "adam ay yamyamyaman" tnx...
cel : Pakitranslate po "isumet lagayam adam ibaga nem darling en hehehe" salamat
Queen : Hello po, ano po ibig sabihin nito "ngem ilam ladta ad nya" at "cya ay no cya" salamat po
cel : Dagdag po, what do you nean by this "baken ko kadwakadwa
paul_69 : Ano po ang masikip sa ibaloi??
roy : anya ibaloi t nagbago?
Anonymous : anya kayat na sau wen ti layden?
Dan : hello pipz, kindly ask kankanaey phrases on the "Kankanaey dict." (pls. click above button) so that it will not create confusion.. but will try to ask pipz on those kankanaey words... @paul_69: "edifit" some would say "ekifit" (i think) @anonymous: that's kankanaey meaning "love"
wrsurya : interesting to see a lot of people joining the chat forum, however, i see a lot of requests for ilocano or kankana-ey phrases to be translated, as well... btw, there are several ibaloi dialects, the simplest or easiest being the one spoken in the La Trinidad area, the same goes true for kankana-ey, the simplest or easiest being the one generally spoken in the benguet area
wrsurya : @Dan good morning Dan. will you make it possible to see timestamps for each user? it's nice to know the date and time other users reply... is the "@" working well?
wrsurya : @Dan it's been several hours since i registered my account but i haven't received the activation email yet... how long should this take?
Dan : @wrsurya: hello po! I'll be honest, this website is not that powerful enough to feature my desired features. It's just a simple website as of now since maintaining this website is for free. unlike other powerful sites where maintenance is costly which comes with more features... well, that's how things work in the cyberspace. =) ... so what I'm saying is I hope you would not put much expectation on this site.. =) far more than that, I am no longer that active too monitoring this site due to other priorities like work... but it sure is great if many are willing to help in this endeavor - teaching new generations learn the almost forgotten mother tongue. =) I only made this so I could challenge myself to learn Ibaloi... whereas my mother asked also to put kankanaey (which is one of the dialect I'm kind of hard to learn.. don't know why..)
Dan : @wrsurya: try "forgot password" or maybe check out your spam in emails pls.. =D it might have gone there..
Dan : by the way, as I've said.. pls don't give much hope to it though.. cause whether you have account or none.. it has little difference.. =D
marie : what is kidian
marie : what is asugaen
Dan : @marie: i think that is ka-idian. in ilokano, ka-ilian, in english "someone who belongs to the same place"... "asugaen" or "asugua-en" is to marry or to wed
Myrna Sison-Kuiper : I am a pure Ibaloy speaking the Nabaloi... thanks fort this page or group... may I announce, that I am coming up with the apps/ software to aid anybody interested in the English-Nabaloi (Ibaloi) translation and edited text. Language teacher ak gayam shiya BSU ...authored a book on "Translation and Editing of text" a workbook for BSE English Majors and MA ESL (Applied Linguistics). Another book is coming up this April, A coffee table book on "Ul-ulit ni Ka-Ivadoyan" a translated version of oral stories and narratives of the Ibalois..
Myrna Sison-Kuiper : @ Dan, taga Tublay ak gayam tan ckami engibangon nima Maksil ni Ivadoi(MAKNIBA) tan organizer ak ni MAKNIBA Mindanao.
Myrna Sison-Kuiper : @ member here who was asking the Ibaloi term for petals, it is safida (my contribution to the Ibaloi dictionary on line version Lee Ballards 2011
Dan : @Myrna Sison-Kuiper: wow! nice! if I may ask further.. baka guaray ibaloi - english dictionary jo ja dibsho? many are asking about it if I remember it right.. and where pipol can get it .. =D siguro pakidagdag na rin ang price, cause I have no info much about these things.. or is it free? hehe! =) one more question... about the apps, will it be free too? and can it be downloaded for iphones / androids? =) it would be really a great help for us ibalois who lack the time to learn and forgetting the nabaloi dialect. =)
Viel : Pls translate po "Magparamdam ka naman"
Anonymous : Paki translate nman po.. Mahal na mahal kita
Dan : @Viel: not sure kung tama to ah.. hehe! "Man-padikna ka eshan!" maybe some has better or right ibaloi term.. hihihi! not really sure about it.. @Anon: Ensemek ta han shili!
Anonymous : Hi po
Anonymous : Pano po matuto mgkankanaey
marie : what is the meaning of "ensemek"
marie : what is the meaning of"ensemek"
marie : whay is ensemek
Dan : @Anonymous: pasensya na pero di ako marunong sa kankanaey.. nagtatanong rin lang ako... pero sa tingin, the best na matuto ng ibang dialect... dapat surrounded ka ng mga tao na nagsasalita nung dialect.. para mapilitan kang matuto.. @marie: "ensemek" means "love"
Anonymous : hello po
Anonymous : ano po meaning ng "cha-mi"
Mr. Right : Hi qtpies
Mr. Right : Cha-mi ay cutiepie.
Mrs. Right : Uy :">
Mrs. Right : Ikaw ba 'yan, Mr. Right?
Sir Bhosxz Kim : Ano po in ibaloi mahal kita pero di mo lang alam :D
Dan : @Anon: not sure with what "cha-mi" means.. never heard of it yet... but probably ibaloi of kabayan... @Sir Bhosxz Kim: "ensemek ta ha, eg mo bengat amta."
A : anong ibaloi word ng water?
Dan : @A: shanom
Zhen : ano pong ibig sabihin ng word na "onsibak, onpasek, onsaltik" ?
Dan : @Zhen: uhm? not sure... if that is an ibaloi... my sources say... they have not heard of it too... sound like ibaloi but it may not be ibaloi... so sorry if we can't say
Dan : what it means
tetay : ano po ba
tetay : ano po ba ang ibaloi ng
robert : kayu parin naman
Dan : @Robert: di ko sigurado.. pero eto ata.. mixture nga lang ng ilokano.. "Sikayo met laeng" pero baka may mas maganda / mas malalim na ibaloi kaysa eto.. =D
Sanjo : Hi, pasuro ak man ag Ibaloi. dinmakelak gmin Baguio ket maawatak laeng t sao ngem hnak mkabalikas nga usto. haha
RhocellG : Hi :D Jay Crush ko Ibaloi ngem haan ko ammu ti Language na tay syak ket Taga Sagada ak.
RhocellG : Paki Translate man Dyty " Kahit na Hndi mo ako Pinapansin , Andto Parin ako. Maghihintay " Salamat. Pls :D ♥
Dan : @Sanjo: parehas ta lang.. basa basa ka lang ditoy.. maka-adal ka met... although in my own experience, mas nalaklaka agadal nu ti kakadwam ket puro nga ibaloi ti sao da.. uray kasao da ka... mapilitan ka talaga agadal.. hehehe! mejo narigat nga lang nu first, ngem atleast ada maadal .. hanko nga lang naadal nag-uuneg nga ibaloi..
Dan : @RhocellG: "Angken eg mo ak taltaljawen, gwarad shay ak ladta, mansesked [or takked] son sikam".. though not sure with taltaljawen is the best term for "pinapansin" it might be the closest though
jetottz : same eirr.. ibaloi nga ako pero di yung malalim .haha
Anonymous : another ang naydakam
Anonymous : ung ayshe po
Anonymous : menge
Dan : @Anon: huh? ano meaning nung "naydakam"? parang, "na-sali" or "covered" sa english... "ayshe"? "wala" or "none".. "menge?" hindi ko na alam yan...
princess : "welcome to baguio" paki translate in ilocano
princess : ??
Marie : ano po ang sepa
Marie : ano po meaning ng sepa
sked : Sepa or sifa?? Alam ko lang ung sifa it means sino or who....
Dan : @princess: sa ilokano? wala atang equivalent ang welcome sa ilokano.. kahit sa tagalog wala... pag "maligayang pag-dating" in ilokano "naragsak nga panag-umay yo ditoy Baguio!" hehe! mejo rusty ata ilokano ko.. anyway... ilokano is not really the mother tongue in Benguet. naging common lang siya for trading and business with other places I believe...
Nitori : Paki translate po sa ibaloi "Sana pag bigyan mo itong puso kong nag mamahal sayo" salamat sa mag tatranslate :)
Anonymous : i miss you.. please translatr
Anonymous : walang may alam?
dan : @anon: "kasesepe ka"
Dan : @Nitori: this is just my own translation but there might be better one.. "Safay kuma i-ahan mo ni tsansa soni pusok ja sesmeken to ha."
maya : "feature"
abby : ano po sa tagalog ang "ensemek taha ngo jen pasiya/shilli"?? tia
ann : ikad mo shagus patranslate nmn po neto
Dan : @maya: are you asking the ibaloi of "feature"? not sure but i think the closest word related to that is "dufa" which in actual meaning.. is face or what it looks like... @abby: "sobrang mahal kita" or "mahal na mahal kita" ... @ann: not sure with "ikad".. kung "akad" it means "uwi" or "go home" which the sentence would mean "i-uwi mo agad"
andre : ano po ibaloi ng promis hindi ko kakalimutan..
marie : arey sir agkagadidtan mang mangmag ni pan viralan picture ko pangaasi..ano po kya meaning nyan sir
Dan : @andre: ahy, di ko sure kung may word na promis sa ibaloi... pero pwede naman hiramin na lang... so magiging ganito yan.. "promis, eg ko dibdibkan"
Dan : @marie: not sure kung na-intindihan ko pero parang sabi eh.. "please, huwag kang gagawa ng mga pictures ko na ikakalat..." ung "arey sir".. parang "aray sir!"
marie : maraming salamat po GOD BLESS
Anonymous : estay ekak inun an imbagta agto pay intag
Anonymous : ano po meaning nyan
Dan : @Anon: muntik ko nang di ko nakita, buti na lang di pa niya ti-nag
Anonymous : how do you say I love you so much , hindit kita iiwan
Angelica : Hi guys ,)


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