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Kankanaey Dict.
Welcome Guest! This website project is made for the purpose of preserving the Ibaloi Language / Dialect at the brink of its extinction; And, to educate new generation of Ibalois in learning the dialect with the power of internet and community interaction between fellow Ibalois. Hope this would be a good start to further preserve the Ibaloi dialect used by the Indigeneous People of Benguet and/or Cordillerans.

Instructions: To add more ibaloi words and its english translation, try searching the word you wish to be translated. If the "Word definition not found! Want to translate this word? Click Me!" appears, click "Click Me!" to give the translation of the word in english. If you wish to use an easier way of adding, please do register and ask the admin through the chatbox to provide you the link you could use for doing so. Thank you! Si Apo Shiyos i-men bendisyon son sih'kayo!

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Dan : @Jinzero: "ayayaten dak mango" iti ilokano
Jethrloo! : HARA NUMAN!!!!!!!!!!
Bags : Hi do you translate "I'm proud to be an igorot"
Dan : @Bags: sorry for the late reply but I've tried to seek other's idea about your inquiry... it seems there is no exact word of ibaloi that is equivalent to the word "proud" which is used in your sentence... soo.. the possible translation or re-term of the phrase would be... "Eg ko ibaing ja igodot ak" = "I am not ashamed to be an igorot!"... or "edadsakak ja maikwan ko, igodot ak" = "I am glad to say I'm an igorot!" .. well that's for the ibaloi rephrasing...
hanz : Please translate i love you in ibaloi...or even kankanaey....if you know kankanaey
Dan : @hanz: in ibaloi it is supposed to be "en-semek ta ha!" but what is usually used is "Pipiyan ta ha!" which means "I like you!".. in Kankanaey = "Laylaydek sik-a"
joe : siraulo ka
joe : anu po transalation niyan?
Dan : @joe: uhm? pasensya po... pero di ko po sinasagot mga ganyang salita. eto pong website eh nagawa para makatulong at kung pwede di po magamit sa di ka-aya-ayang mga bagay-bagay. salamat po sa pag-intindi.
momomomo : Ano po ibaloi ng I love you?
Dan : @momo... pls. refer sa previous questions thanks!
Bugauk : ahmm ana man ti ibaloi ti kayat ka nga arimin///???? kursunada ka gamin man eh
Bugauk : s
Bugauk : segfdsG
zai : Hi can anyone help me, anya ti ibaloi or ayab ti ibaloi ti headhunters? tnx po
Dan : @zai: mangukdo according to my source
Dan : @Bugauk: "piyan ta ha jen aremen, pipiyan ta ha gamin."
Cris : Bugauk, the right word should be: Piyan tahan eshemen. Kursunada taha eshan.....
Dan : @Cris: Thanks for the correction! =)
john : Ano po ba translation ng Mabuhay sa Ibaloi
Dan : @john: If you intend to use the word for greeting as the Tagalogs do, it is highly UNrecommended for the ibaloi... but if you insist, it's possible translation would be "Man-biyag kito!" .. in english "Let us live!" Reason why it is not recommended? because rarely do ibalois have such greetings. =)... even with just a simple hello... wala po talagang word na pwedeng equivalent sa mga greetings... mostly hiram din lang. That's as far as I know.. =)
Anonymous : mapteng jen agew mo
Anonymous : please, someone told me that and I cant understand, sound silly
Anonymous : Mapteng jen agew mo
Dan : @Anonymous: its "mapteng jen akow son sikam!" meaning "good day to you!"... if that would be in ibaloi....
kifz : Sir,could you please translate the ibaloi term "na'go" in english.its nibbling my nails.cant understand 8.thanks
maica : ano po yung bagtalan?
maica : ano po yung tawag sa rattan na nilalagay sa noo sa kayabang?
julz : what is the meaning of dimbaban in the bendiyan dance step?
julz : what is the meaning of dimbaban in the dance step?
julz : can you help me give the meaning of dimbaban,salawasao,kinitangan,kinikiyan inushongan,pinajosan,innabaya in the bendiyan dance step?
alona : anya ti ibaloi ti north, south, west and east?
Dan : wow! sorry for the late replies... uhm??? @Kifz: I'mm not sure with the word or if there is such an ibaloi word... I only know of the word "na-akow" which means "daylight" cause "k" is interchangeable to "g" at times to "h" in pronunciation @maica: "bagtalan" ano yun? hehehe! wow.... parang wala akong idea sa mga tanong na yan ah.. hehe! siguro mas makatulong mga tao dun sa facebook group na "ibaloi group", kindly ask nalang dun mejo wala ako idea jan.. =D... @julz: mukhang same reply to you... or ako magtanong dun nalang then try to reply yu here... @alona: uhm? akala ko walang equivalent sa ibaloi... pero just checked sa taas sa may word finder: north daw is "pasdong", south ay "pepsao,pasao," east ay "bedalan".. west ay "detofan".. hehe! ako eh ngayon ko rin lang nalaman yan.. hihihihi!
Dan : @julz: seems my inquiry at the ibaloi fb group didn't give much of the meaning. but here's one answer given by Madam Joyce Gorio: "Bendian is a circle dance, popular called Bendian, of Ibaloy. This was long known as a dance to celebrate the arrival of successful
headhunters. The circular movements of the dance symbolize unity and
harmony among the Ibaloys. Now a part of every Benguet festivity with
the circles slowly giving way to other formations and interpretations."... and she said the words you gave seem to denote the kind of dance step or dance form... she showed some of the pix showing the action of the bendiyan dance and said she has no knowledge of the meaning of it, if there has a meaning at all... furthermore what I know about the bendian dance is a dance of the ibalois until they get tired... that's what I know of.. =D... so I think that's all I could give... =)

maica : this is very cool! as in may nagmo-monitor ng site na ito? Very cool! Kudos to the team!
Dan : @maica: Thanks! but actually it seems only few monitors this site.. =D which maybe only me... =D.. I wish more ibaloi speaking expert will do monitor this site.. answering many questions that we, even I, have.. =).. cause I too am learning the Ibaloi dialect, my supposed native tongue.. =D
skyler : what is pipiyan tahan shili??
skyler : and what is the ibaloi term for handsome?? and you are handsome?? t.y.
dan : @skyler: "pipiyan tahan shili" means "I like you very much"... there is no exact equivalent ibaloi word for handsome as far as i know... but "taraki" is somewhat used... so... "you are handsome" could be "taraki ka ngo." or borrow the ilokano word which would be "gwapo ka" though I'm really uncertain if there is really an exact and better words...
skyler : about i hate you??
Anonymous : handsome can be: memapteng ja daki, pretty memapteng ja bii.. heard these from older people..
Anonymous : long live Ibaloy can be "onpalapalad i Ibaloy"
Anonymous : epid n. braided head strap, or tumpline, that is placed at the forehead for supporting heavy loads on one’s back, esp. with the kayabang camote basket.
Anonymous : esel (1) n. language Piyan to’n amta-an i esel tayo. “He wants to learn our language.”
(2) n. voice Ootik i esel to. “His voice is not loud.” or: Inki-dengan sha’y esel shi naykayang jet kowan to, ‘kala.’ “They heard a voice in the sky, and it said, ‘Come.’(Moss)” also, sound, e.g.: esel ni tingey “the sound a frog makes”, esel ni kiyew “the sound of (wind in) the trees” No iki-dengan to’y tetet ja man-a-sel shi petek ni aWanan, magesat, nem no petek ni awidi, bowisit. “If he hears a tetet make its sound on the right side, it’s good luck, but if it’s on the left side, it’s bad luck.(Moss)”
(3) n. speech, i.e., what is said kanemnemnema nonta baknang sotan’na esel ja mansikdop ira shi baley sha. “The rich man thought over what had been said, that (his workers) would take their lunches from home.”

Dan : wow! Thanks annonymous! =)
mac : Sir Dan, the chatbox keeps autoscrolling to latest feed making it very difficult to read previous conversations, is there a work around?
Dan : oh.. hehe! try clicking and holding the scroll bar located in the right side.. though limited rin siya... =D maybe soon I could make feature to see the history =)
Dan : and by the way the chatbox is limited to recent 100 messages... but previous messages were saved, i haven't made a feature to access the old messages... =) hopefully if I have more time i could make some feature of it.. =)
carlo : anya kadi ti ibaloi na ti "sorry na nd ko naman sisadja gawin" :)
Dan : @carlo: padas ko... mabalin siguro kastoy.. "dispinsal(uno pasensya) son sikam eg ko met inkakara."... kala ilokano na metlang ti "pasensya han ko met ingagara"...
Anonymous : How to say..."don't judge me." Ty
JINZERO : i love you so much ngy sir nalipatak eh.. thanks sir
Anonymous : mayb the close meaning can be " karamak bistaen..bista - is to hear a case before a judge. sometimes you hear elder people say, bista ra niman..hearing of their case or it's their judgement today..
Anonymous : Good evening. What is the Ibaloi term for singing? Thank you.
Dan : @Anonymous: "don't judge me" = can be ... "egmuak pebasulen" .. i think there is no real word for judge in ibaloi... I heard from my source, bista is also a word coming from espanyol... same with pebasulen... from ilokano "pabasulen"... @Jinzero.. "ensemek ta ha shili!" ... @Anonymous "singing" = "mankankansiyon" is what i know... i think borrowed from ilokano root word kanta...
ejad : Ano po ibaloi ng magandang gabi...please....
Dan : @ejad: "mapteng ja davi"
lyn : sure ba yan ganyan spelling? "mapteng ja davi" kc assignment ng niece ko..
lyn : dan?
Dan : @lyn: sensya ngayon lang nagcheck... as far as I know.. kasi wala pa naman kasing formal na pag-spelling ng words ng ibaloi... based pa rin sa pronunciation.. tska yung "e" jan is pronounced as "uh" =)
Anonymous : Good Evening ano ang ibaloi term nang Mahal kita.
zyra : what is i love you in your language?
Dan : @Anonymous & zyra: "Ensemek ta ha!" = i love you / mahal kita or "Pipiyan ta ha" = i like you / gusto kita... but usually ibalois use "Pipiyan ta ha" in expressing one's delight on the other person...
princess : pakitranslate po please "maamtaan taha mlaeng d ah"
princess : "skam ja nak pingipyalan ni ayat ko"
Dan : from what I understand.. "surely I will get to know you". or tagalog "makikilala rin kita".... ung isa... "to you i entrust my love."
princess : thanks a lot! i appreciate it
princess : ano po ibig sabihin nito " pangaasim ga, Asas mo ga ngoy semek mo"
Dan : uhm? not sure if I understand the last phrase... ung "pangaasim ga" simply means "please" or
Dan : "mercy please"... ung "asas mo ga ngoy semek mo"? uhm? "see where your love lies"? hehe! not sure what the phrase is saying... pero parang sinasabing.. "please check your heart who it loves?"
Dan : hehe! baka wrong pagka-intindi ko... hehe!
princess : thank you again! god bless you!
Emz : hi
Emz : Anu sa ibaloi ang TUAG
Emz : Please help
Emz : Anyone in here
Dan : huh? tuag? uhm? parang di familiar sa akin yung word ah.... ano yung tuag? hehehe! =D
yhenz : ano po sa ibaloi ang i love you forever?? hehe
Dan : @yhenz: Ensemek ta ha ingkatod ingka.
nick : ano pong ibig sabihin ng kafi na death rituals daw?
kareel : a maninges e ngichit cha
kareel : ano po meaning nito ? hehe "a maninges e ngichit cha" "mayat etan eg endasa." "ye awti"
Dan : @nick: yung "kafi" raw eh isang klase ng Canao na ginagawa pagkatapos i-libing ang patay... bale mag-o-offer sila ng baboy oh ano mang animal na pwede nilang ipa-"baon" sa namatay at dalhin niya sa "after life" para raw maging mas-"honorable" siya sa after life... (according to my source and from what I understood.. pwedeng may inconsistency ako.. due to just asking..=)..)
Dan : @kareel: "a man-inges e ngichit cha" = "they have the same smile or laugh".. "mayat etan eg endasa" = "that's good it doesn't give sickness or allergies"... "ye awti"? .. my source does not recognize it... all translation are based from what I asked from my source... =)
Yam : Anu poh sa ibaloi ung "nasaan kana?" Salamat
Dan : @Yam: "kawad-an mo la?"
kathy : ano po sa ibaloi ang gusto din kita ? salamat po :)
realme : anu po ang ibaloi ng suruan or teach me o turuan..
Dan : @kathy: "pipiyan ta ha ngo!" @realme: "tud-im mo ak ga!"
leisle : ano po meaning nito, "nu talagen piyan mwak ngu"
Dan : @leslie: "kung talagang gusto mo ako.."
JINZERO : sir..ung salitang "SAGLIT LANG" anu po sa ivadoi un?
rhen : anu po sa ibaloi ung pepeyangem tz lungat?
dan : @Jinzero: "kanin! / kenin!" meaning "wait"
dan : @rhen: "pipiya ngem?" anu yun ilokano o tagalog? lungat? ano yun? hehe! kung ung "pipiya ngem" ng ilokano... "mamapteng nem.."
Dan : @Jinzero: "ngo" is an expression.. depende nga lang ti pang-usar... kala nga mangitited lang ti emphasis and sureness... parang "sikam ngo" meaning "you!" with certain and sureness or "marikit ngo" meaning "pretty!" with added surety...
Anonymous : Ano po sa Ibaloi ang "apoy"?
Dan : @Anonymous: based from what I searched above... it's "afoy"..


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