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Kankanaey Dict.
Welcome Guest! This website project is made for the purpose of preserving the Ibaloi Language / Dialect at the brink of its extinction; And, to educate new generation of Ibalois in learning the dialect with the power of internet and community interaction between fellow Ibalois. Hope this would be a good start to further preserve the Ibaloi dialect used by the Indigeneous People of Benguet and/or Cordillerans.

Instructions: To add more ibaloi words and its english translation, try searching the word you wish to be translated. If the "Word definition not found! Want to translate this word? Click Me!" appears, click "Click Me!" to give the translation of the word in english. If you wish to use an easier way of adding, please do register and ask the admin through the chatbox to provide you the link you could use for doing so. Thank you! Si Apo Shiyos i-men bendisyon son sih'kayo!

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Dan : "Nan-iinges emin ja too para son sikak, nem guara'y eshom ja too ja ebanul son sikak, et sikam eh saki shiman!"
username : "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
Read more at Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." ibaloi, salamat

username : "Friendship is unnecessary, like philosophy, like art... It has no survival value, rather it is one of those things that give value to survival." ag baln nga ibaloi mo ta usarn me H.w me salamat
Dan : ayo... ensho-he! ...atidog nem... hehe! padas me.. "Say Pankagajem, eg masapol shi kabiyagan ni to-o. Singen pilosopiya, singen arte... nem guaray banol to nu maviday ka!" daytoy ti na-aramid me with my sources nga equivalent meaning ngem re-phrased dayta... though the meaning is the same... awan gamin words nga almost the same ken ti panag-construct nga parehas ti inted mo... so jay meaning na daytoy ket kala "This friendship, it is not needed for the survival (or life) of a person. Like philosophy, like art. But it has value when you are alive."
bryan : What is the maning of "kanam abis" think its kankanaey?
Dan : "kanam abes!" means in bontoc-kankanaey as "what are you saying?"
JESSICA : kumusta ngay ibalois?
jessica : is there a different kinds of ibaloi dialects?
Dan : I believe there is only one ibaloi dialect but for some reason there are different wordings or word meanings on different places... example... there are different ibaloi words from kabayan to ibaloi of Baguio-La Trinidad... but these are just few... most are same..
jell : waht is ilove you in ibaloi??
Dan : "Ensemek ta ha!" previous questions asked may be found in the "FAQ" portion...
jell : waht is the ibaloi of "Things change, And friends leave. Life doesn't stop for anybody.”
Dan : not sure with this but here's my own trial of translation... "Emin manbediw, tan manjek-jas i araki... I biyag kito, eg man-salsheng para soni to-o bengat..."... ahe? there might be a better translation though... there are lots of english words which have no direct translation to ibaloi so usually it is re-phrased or para-phrased....
Dan : in addition my translation may be close to meaning as "All changes, and friends leave... Our lives don't stop for a person only..."
Tin : Kuya what does this mean: magteng jen agsafa suni memapteng jen balasang shetan ?
Dan : it means "good morning (mapteng jen agsafa) to (suni) the beautiful girl (memapteng jen balasang) there (shetan)... "
Tin : Thanks po :)
jell : dy2y "Emin manbediw, tan manjek-jas i araki... I biyag kito, eg man-salsheng para soni to-o bengat..."????
Dan : @jell: nabasam ba inbagak? basit gamin ti equivalent words nga english to ibaloi sunga daduma ket ma-rephrase... ngem agdamag ak nu ada maymayat nga translation pay..
Dan : @jell: ok.. from my source.. though really not every english word or phrases can fully equate to the ibaloi phrase .. it may change it's meaning so usually it is re-phrased... so here's my source's translation "Banbanag ja mansadat (things change) tan (and) kajem mangi-dekjas (friends leave). Biyag eg-menpatingka para soni emin (re-phrase in english as "Life doesn't stop for all people..")"
soul. : ano po ang sharal?
Dan : "sharal" means "destroyed" sa tagalog "sira"
Kurt : "Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
Kurt : kuya pa help e ibaloi tnx
Dan : @Kurt: "Nu guara'y ensemek son sikata, mengi-ahan ni pigsa. Nem sikam ja en-semek ni to-o, guara'y tuled to!"... It's not the same words but the content of it is almost the same.. since not all english phrases has an equivalent ibaloi translation... some can probably re-phrased into better translation..
yna : ano po ba ang ibaloi ng shark at dove??
Dan : I don't think there is... it's mostly borrowed from the ilokano dialect which is pating and kalapati.. but I'll try to ask others
Tin : Enamis garud komay ugip mo.
Tin : Enamis garud komay ugip mo et bantayan tuhen anghel mo.. Patranslate po
Dan : @Tin: "Sana eh masaram ang tulog mo at bantayan ka ng guardian angel mo"
NorthAMericanPinoy : Dear all, what does "cpa itan?" mean?
NorthAMericanPinoy : I saw that in a facebook post.
Dan : it means "who is that?"
Luis : ibaloi of i have a big problem?
Luis : what is the ibaloi of "i have a big problem"?
Dan : @Luis: "Wara'y ba-deg ja problemak!"
luis : thanks dan... how about "entrust it to God"
luis : or ikamang ken Apo Diyos
Dan : @luis: "i-piyal mo son Apo Shiyos!"
jojo : hi everybody pls suggest ibaloi word as a name of a company pls urgent it should be in the line of management and development tnx everyone
Dan : uhm? hirap mag-suggest... lol!
Kristine : Hi! What is ibaloi or kankanaey yerm for sharing? Or helping like bayanihan? Tnx!
Dan : @Kristine: sharing = "mengi-bingay"(ibaloi), "mengi-dawat" (kankanaey, not pronounced as the ilokano word "dawat"... both the "a" is short and pronounced fast), "helping" = "atngan"(ibaloi), "umat-atang"(kankanaey)... based from my asking.. lol! thoug
Dan : *though I myself is mind boggled with the words...
Kristine : Thanks Dan! Im looking for a term to use as name for a kids' fun, fund raising activity, to help a school.. Do you know any other terms.. Please suggest.. Thanks and more power!
Dan : oh... I don't think I could fully help in such... as I'm not that expert in wordings... just want to add though with the ibaloi "atngan" if used in a sentence like "atngan mu ak." is translated in ilokano as "tulungan dak!" or "help me" in english....
Kristine : I came across an ibaloi term "alluyon" which was an old tradition practiced by Igorots whereby community members help one another without any compensation.. They practice alluyon even when planting or harvesting rice.. Anyway, thanks for the input! More power!
Dan : @Kristine: Thanks for the info! indeed may it be more ibalois interact with this website... just posted your inquiry and your information to the "all-about-ibaloi" corner... =)
Anne : Hi. Ano po ibig sabihin neto? "ckam met i enturo to???? pa awas ka et" at saka po " haha, andi pilak, andi met ubla". Thank you. :)
Dan : @Anne: ung first phrase means "you're the one he/she pointed at. Go out then." .. ung second parang di siya ibaloi... baka kankanaey... pero parang ang na-intindihan ko... "(laughing) haha! No money, no work..."
Anne : Thank you so much. :)
Jho: : Hi, just wanna ask the ibaloi translation for "My love will never end till death to us part" and how can you ever forget someone who gives you so much to remember?
Tin : Ano pong translation ng: the flower has bloomed beautifully and its fragrance became enticing for the gardener has taken care of it with full love and protection.?
Dan : @Jho: sorry not sure with the "till death do us part" but the "my love will never end" is "eg-man-patingka ey semek ko." the other phrase is "ngani pesing ko ja dib-kan ey to-o ja nangi-ahan ni eshahel ja eg-madibkan.." hehe! though I think there are better translations than mine.. hopefully others could translate too...
Dan : @Tin: not sure with this... but let me try "eya sabsabong, mamapteng i pan-bunga to tan e-bangdo shi edeng ta eya nengi-esek, in-ahan to is semek to ja nan-esek"... ehehe! I think my grammar and wordings are wrong... hakhak! I hope expert in ibalois will be translating these... =D surely they'll laugh in my translation... =D
Jule : Is AMANG an ibaloi term for elder? If not, what is?
Dan : no.. i believe that is an ilokano word... i don't think there is an ibaloi word called for the elders
Dan : usually they just borrow the words manong uncle and lolo... as from what I know...
Emil: : no mabaln kuma ket mai download dy 2y
Dan : ada jay mai-downdownload metlang... isu ti nangala-ak daduma.. hehe! so far basit lang ti nainayon ko... =D mayat kuma nga talaga nu adu ti ibaloi nga tumultulong ditoy agi-share ta vocabulary... uray nu amok nga ada ti pagsasabalian na pay ti ibaloi dialect in every different locality... e.g. kabayan and atok and bokod... pagminsan ada ti pagsasabalian na ti words... ngem at least basit lang met... =D
Tin : nu moha kenasa e seng-ew ni rosas anosim ngo
ta sebit to..

Dan : @Tin: hmmm? I get the phrase but i don't get the word "Sebit" hehe! I'll ask further people... =) but initially what I understand "if you are seeing the front side of a rose, be patient cause.._______" hehe! well better ask further....
Dan : @Tin: ahy wrong mi pala hahaha! here's the right translation in ilokano... "No kaykayat mo ti banglo ti rosas, kasta met anusam dyay thorns na"... "sebit" is "thorns".. =D
Tin : Salamat po
Tin : Iyaknan taha metlang ni enamis ja ungo tan avang.
Dan : uhm? wehw... that's kind of... well here's what I understand but not sure with the last one... "I will give you a sweet kiss in the lips and ....." not sure with avang... if it's the same with abang of ilokano.. which in english is "rent" but I may be wrong again... cause it doesn't make sense with the sentence... so....
Anonymous : ll
hhh : ayshe pangekwanan ko ne problemak. grabe ensahet e shile. ngantoy ngo ngata aya eh sarot kon manubda
anon : ngantoy ja ensarot ka? guara met son sikam etan.. aliven problema itan no piyan mo taleka jen man-ubda.. nemnem mo a era pamiljam say dag-en mo i ubdam para son sikara...
jeh : ano sa ibaloi ang "mamimiss kita"?
Dan : it's "Sespe-an taha"
Levi : hello, what is the Ibaloi translation for: as long as water falls, I love you. As long as the sky is blue, I will love you. As long as there is a rose on a summer breeze, I will always love you. thanks!
Dan : @Levi: howa! that's long... let me try... or not... it seems too hard... whew...
Moses : I'll try what I can. I love you as long as water falls. Pipiyan taha ingkato'd mankaekas e shanum. I will love you as long as the sky is blue(clear sky). Sesmeken taha ingkato'd manngi-das. I will always love you as long as there is a rose on a summer breeze. Sesmeken tahan olay basta waray rosa ne panshagem ne ti-agew.
jun : please translate this: come and let us organize
Dan : @jun: I'm not sure if there is an ibaloi word for organize or a close translation to it but to re-phrase it in its content.. this maybe one way.. "kalajo et man-titinulong ketjo ja dag-en iyay." meaning "Come and let us help one another fix (or do) this (or probably have the context of organizing things)."
Mary : does anyone know where to find 21 century ibaloi short stories/poem with english or Filipino translation?
Dan : oh, sorry I have no idea of such literature... if there is, it is really rare... though I'm not sure, if you could contact mr. Jimmy Fong, a teacher in UP-Baguio, if ever, he might have some idea on that... or probably Mr. Morr Pungayan, who is a contributor-writer for Baguio Midland Courier... They may have some knowledge on that...
Pat : inya ti ibaloi ti "remove this post or else!!"??
Dan : @Pat: "Ekal mo eyay uno!!?"
Jhen : Hi guys, what's the meaning of ga pakal eraja?
Shirl : Let them go away!
Jhen : 0h i see, what about manpintang? Thanks :)
Dan : according to my source "manpintang" seem related to "reheating" .. not sure tho if it is what your word was used... pano ba sinabi yung word.. kasi it might depend rin kung pano sinabi...
Jhen : He said manpitang kito. What about mamintang kito?
Jhen : Sorry that should be manpintang :)
Jhen : Manpintang ang mamintang .
Dan : @Jhen: ano ba ang ibang sinabi before that "mampitang kito"... if yung sinabing "ga pakal eraja" then sinabi yang "mampitang kito"... it might mean "ma-init ung ulo niya"... or something... "kito" means "me
Dan : or "us"
Dan : @Jhen: though that's just my analogy... mejo malalim rin kasi ung word na yan na ibaloi.. hehehe! but as from what my source said... it seems it's close to re-heat.. or heat
pem : Patranslate po to sa ibaloi: im sorry for hurting u, i had my doubts and this stupid pride, i become irrational at times.. I'm really sorry for hurting u
Dan : @pem: as far as I know and others I have asked... there is no actual equivalent of ibaloi for sorry.... mostly borrowed words... so let me try to rephrase your words... "dispinsal son sikam nu esahitan ka. manshuwashuwa ey diknak tan edastogak nu maminsan... dispinsal son sikam... "... and i think this is what it means in ilokano... "despensar kinyam nu nasaktan ka... agduwaduwa ti riknak ken nalastogak nu maminsan... despensar kinyam..." as one said... ibalois dont know how to say sorry...
Pem : Salamat :)
dhens : nia ti ibaloi na ti agsubli?
Dan : @Dhens: "Man-uli" or "uli ka" = "agsubli ka"
Troy : hello to all. anya kadin ti meaning na dytoy "mangedva son sikak"? salamat.
Dan : hmmmm? hanko sigurado nu usto ngem kasla kunana nga "mangkadwa kinyak"... hehe! agdamagak pay sabali...
Troy : Ah..hehe. salamat. :D
lulu : how do you say 'i am sorry' in ibaloi?
Dan : @lulu: people I've asked they say... "e-e".. hehe! not exactly sorry, but an expression of "oops!" or "ow!"... but the truth, there is no exact ibaloi word for that (I believe)... because someone said Ibalois don't know how to say sorry... we can simply say "pasensya" borrowed from the ilokano dialect...or "dispinsal" i think ibalized from "despensar"


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