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Kankanaey Dict.
Welcome Guest! This website project is made for the purpose of preserving the Ibaloi Language / Dialect at the brink of its extinction; And, to educate new generation of Ibalois in learning the dialect with the power of internet and community interaction between fellow Ibalois. Hope this would be a good start to further preserve the Ibaloi dialect used by the Indigeneous People of Benguet and/or Cordillerans.

Instructions: To add more ibaloi words and its english translation, try searching the word you wish to be translated. If the "Word definition not found! Want to translate this word? Click Me!" appears, click "Click Me!" to give the translation of the word in english. If you wish to use an easier way of adding, please do register and ask the admin through the chatbox to provide you the link you could use for doing so. Thank you! Si Apo Shiyos i-men bendisyon son sih'kayo!

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Dan : according to my source "manpintang" seem related to "reheating" .. not sure tho if it is what your word was used... pano ba sinabi yung word.. kasi it might depend rin kung pano sinabi...
Jhen : He said manpitang kito. What about mamintang kito?
Jhen : Sorry that should be manpintang :)
Jhen : Manpintang ang mamintang .
Dan : @Jhen: ano ba ang ibang sinabi before that "mampitang kito"... if yung sinabing "ga pakal eraja" then sinabi yang "mampitang kito"... it might mean "ma-init ung ulo niya"... or something... "kito" means "me
Dan : or "us"
Dan : @Jhen: though that's just my analogy... mejo malalim rin kasi ung word na yan na ibaloi.. hehehe! but as from what my source said... it seems it's close to re-heat.. or heat
pem : Patranslate po to sa ibaloi: im sorry for hurting u, i had my doubts and this stupid pride, i become irrational at times.. I'm really sorry for hurting u
Dan : @pem: as far as I know and others I have asked... there is no actual equivalent of ibaloi for sorry.... mostly borrowed words... so let me try to rephrase your words... "dispinsal son sikam nu esahitan ka. manshuwashuwa ey diknak tan edastogak nu maminsan... dispinsal son sikam... "... and i think this is what it means in ilokano... "despensar kinyam nu nasaktan ka... agduwaduwa ti riknak ken nalastogak nu maminsan... despensar kinyam..." as one said... ibalois dont know how to say sorry...
Pem : Salamat :)
dhens : nia ti ibaloi na ti agsubli?
Dan : @Dhens: "Man-uli" or "uli ka" = "agsubli ka"
Troy : hello to all. anya kadin ti meaning na dytoy "mangedva son sikak"? salamat.
Dan : hmmmm? hanko sigurado nu usto ngem kasla kunana nga "mangkadwa kinyak"... hehe! agdamagak pay sabali...
Troy : Ah..hehe. salamat. :D
lulu : how do you say 'i am sorry' in ibaloi?
Dan : @lulu: people I've asked they say... "e-e".. hehe! not exactly sorry, but an expression of "oops!" or "ow!"... but the truth, there is no exact ibaloi word for that (I believe)... because someone said Ibalois don't know how to say sorry... we can simply say "pasensya" borrowed from the ilokano dialect...or "dispinsal" i think ibalized from "despensar"
yodinyer : Anunpo b ibaloi nga ayaw"mo...
Dan : "ayaw ko" = "as-neng ko", ayaw mo? = "as-neng mo?"
Anonymous : Tnx po
John : Sir Dan ag balin ba nga damagin dy meaning na dy 2y?
John : Adak amu bo sino'y iyat mo
Ta makaan din nay bain ko
Ta way iyat ko ay mangipudno
Kapupudnuan ay layad ko
Tan nabayag ay arapaap ko
Ay sik-ay makagasat ko

John : ????
Dan : Ahy... pasensya ti late nga reply... ngem basbasaek.. kala han nga ibaloi... kala kankanaey... hanak unay ti kankanaey ngemm kala kanta dayta ah... tungkol ti ayat nga kayat na kuma nga ibaga ti ayayaten na.. ken agbalin to nga asawa na sa.. hehe! pasensya.. hanak unay ti kankanaey... basit lang ti amok alalaek lang ti context nga magets ko jay phrase...
Kenneth : this is very beneficial to us non-speakers. more power!
emz : Ngantoy english ni "bagel"?...mushroom oh?
Harlee : kuya what the translation of 'marikit ka eshan'?
Tin : Manong pakitranslate: piyan kon itenengan no sikak mo piniyan
Dan : oooh... sorry for the late replies... @Emz: egko mango amta nu guaray english to nitan... mushroom bengat ah.. hehehe! XD @Harlee: "marikit ka eshan" = "Cause you are beautiful" or kung sa tagalog .."maganda ka kasi!" @Tin: " piyan kon itenengan no sikak mo piniyan" = "I want to hear if I am whom you love."
kit : aspol?
Dan : huh? aspol?
Dan : huh? aspol? "aspol" means "find", depends on how you use it... either to find an object or for in relation to a person, it may mean "to meet"..
mhb : aspol can be "met by an unseen spirit"
Dan : Thanks for the add'l info =)
jen : what po ibaloi ng treasures
Dan : @jen: uhm? sorry but I think there is no exact ibaloi word for that....
jemizeXD : anu daw
jemizeXD : ad
jemizeXD : ,ppppppppp
GRB : Sir inya ti bato (rock), inapoy ken danum iti ibaloi? thanks :)
Dan : uhm? kala almost parehas ti amok ah... "bato" (same).. "inapoy" (same)... except "danum" = "shanum"
Dan : ahy... nu jay inapoy nga han pay naluto... "bek-kas" .. jay "e" pronounced as "uh"..
Dan : ken jay "inapoy" ket "inepoy"... pronunciation jay "e" ket "uh" metlang
jemann_12 : Anu po ang ibaloi ng sorry , tnay inshi amamata iyay agek .
Dan : @jemann_12: OH.. pasensya pero.. walang equivalent na word sa ibaloi ang "sorry"... mostly borrowed word rin lang siya.. ang usual na sagot ng iba ay "dispinsal son sikam"... "dispense to you".. parang sorry na rin...
baguio beans : Kabayan
GRB : agyamanak sir Dan :)
Dan : you are welcome! hehe!
Sar : Ngaran ngy ni english ni "mebikat" ngay emu hehe
Dan : Ayshi met ey English to kono... "Gate crash!" kono... hehe! shamag ko era khait et "maki-Canao" kono met... edi "to participate on the canao?" hihihi! sensya ekak expert emo ni ibaloi =D.. nem mapteng itan ja pan-ashalan... =D
hope : how do you say inyaka met?
brown_eyes : Guys how to say "i like you" in ibaloi?
Dan : @hope: "inyaka met"? seems to be an expression in ilokano.. and I'm not sure if there is an equivalent expression with the ibaloi... I can only think of "Nganitan?!" meaning "what is that?" with an expression of disgust if expressed with high tone... but can also be used for simply asking "what is that?" if used in a normal tone... or maybe "Ansanet ngo!" close to ilokano I think... which is an expression expressing anger which means "anya met" in ilokano.. i think =D
Dan : @brown_eyes: "pipiyan ta ha!"
.v : hello
.v : patulang man...
.v : ada inforward da nga message kanyak ket han ko maawatan...
.v : mayat she dekna no waray sahey tuon nay semek sunen ckam...
Dan : best in feeling if there is one person who loves you... "nay semek sunen ckam"... mejo malabo nu "someone loves you" uno "you love someone" hehehe!
tisay : Sir anupo ang left at right sa ibaloi
tisay : Sir pakisagot naman po tnx
Dan : left = "caniggid", right = "canawan"
eo : travel ngai?
eo : travel ngai?
ivy : can u help me ? can u guys give me ibaloi words with its meanings ? thank you ...
ivy : what is the ibaloi translation of i love you ?
Dan : @ivy: "ensemek ta ha!" = "I love you" @eo: Travel? not sure if there is... I could only think of "
Dan : @eo: I could think of "en-ahad" = to go home.. or "men-akad" = to walk...
gzb : hello! pano po sabihin sa Ibaloi ang "Hello! Welcome. Enjoy Your Stay here!
gzb : pakisagot pls. para po sa play namin
Dan : oh.. mukhang almost walang equivalent words sa ibaloi mga yan... pwede siguro re-term... like "Mateng ja akow! Kalajo! Pan-penek ka ja man-iyan shiyay!" = "Good day! Come! Be satisfied / enjoy to stay here."
Dan : you can change "Mapteng ja akow!" to "mapteng ja davi" = good evening!...
Dan : Ibaloi's don't have that many greetings to people...
jay : meaning of kadam?
jay : or kad-am?
Dan : kad-am? sounds like a question asking "where you've been" or "where are you?"... though not sure.. since what i know would be.. "kadnan mo?" or "kad-an mo?"
jam : Ano po ibig sbihin nito- ara arawe bonalan
Dan : @jam: ung first na "ara" is an parang "shocks!" or "wow!" at tska ung "arawe bonalan" = "malayo pala ang igiban ng tubig" or "kuhanan ng ________ (anything na pwedeng kunin e.g. sands, woods, etc..)"
annon : whats this say po sir: Antuy bakal k u xelly
Dan : uhm? seems like "Why do you guys quarrel all the time?".. the phrase may depend though on who he/she is quarrelling with... and the phrase seem to indicate a strong and consistent quarrelling
Dan : bakal means "quarrel". Antuy means "why" or that's supposed to be "Ngantoy"... xelly or "shili" means "very" or "much"
rachel : trans,ate good afternoon and good evening please..
rachel : translate good afternoon and good evening in ibaloi please.
Dan : good afternoon = "mapteng ja ma-shem!".. good evening = "mapteng ja davi!"
Saju : Hi
Saju : i need for somebody can help me
Meg : Pano po yung Translation na bukas, ngayon, at salamat?
Dan : @Saju: what? what help would that be? @Meg: bukas = "kabasan", "ngayon" = "niman" , salamat? = walang original na ibaloi word kaya borrowed nalang sa ilokano or tagalong which is "salasalamat" or "salamat"
Anonymous : Hi what is how are you i Ibaloi
Dan : @Anonymous... how are you? there seem to be no exact ibaloi words ... they are borrowed from other dialects like ilokano or tagalog... it can be "Kas-ano hayo?" tho dis would mean how are you in plural form... it can be "Musta hayo" or "musta ka la?" the latter is more used in singular...
Seldom : mapteng ja davi sir Dan!wala po kayong site or something like pdf na na uupdate na dictionary ng ibaloi eager to learn..m
Dan : @Seldom: uhm? actually wala... and honestly mahirap din kasing gumawa... esp. kung you are doing it for free or voluntarily hahaha! this site itself is voluntarily made... and walang... well... bayad kung baga... it's just made para ako mismo rin matuto and dahil sa parang namamatay na ang dialect namin... ginawa ko to.. atleast kung sakali man may internet na pwedeng it will last for a time.. hehe! =D and mas madaling gamitin for parang notes... sinesave ko lang dito mga words na bago kong na-tututunan... =D
Dan : pero may pdf akong na-download from the net na ginamit ko rin dito.. i mean sinave ko mga word and meanings... mejo ma-trabaho nga lang pag-save... i-google mo lang... "ibaloi dictionary handy pdf"
Dan : parehas lang... walang ibaloi na equivalent jan.. kaya pwedeng "kumusta ka" din... or "kumusta or musta ha?"
rr : ano po ang ibig sabihin ng EGTAYO PANSHANAGAN
Dan : @rr: "huwag tayo mag-alala"... sa english "let us not worry"
rr : ano po ang ibaloi ng lyrics
rr : ano po ang ibaoi ng lyrics,,ibaloi po kac ako pero diko po alam magsalita
Dan : @rr: ahy.. wala rin atang equivalent na ibaloi word para jan... magiging borrowed word rin lang... sa ibaloi kasi kokonti lang ang mga original words as far as i know... anyway isa rin akong ibaloi learner... ibaloi by blood pero never lumaki na natuto ng ibaloi.. ngayon din lang ako natututo... mejo limited nga lang... =)


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